Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Is Your Church Driving Forward or Dying Out?

If prayer drives a church like an engine, then, by contrast, prayerlessness stalls a church.  A sputtering chug unto a lurching halt (i.e., death of a local church) notwithstanding, prayerlessness is the height of arrogance on our part.  It is to say to God that we can do it all by ourselves; that we are self-sufficient; that we know best.  Are you seeing Eden in your mind's eye yet?  Before we get too critical of Adam and Eve, let's take a survey of our own lives.  How often do we cease to pray?  How often do we relegate our divine interaction to the brevity of a blessing before a meal?  I must confess my own toes are now sore.
How different--how much more vibrant--would our lives, our homes, our churches be if they were more characterized by prayer?

View the article linked below for more on the topic.

The Least Attended Church Meeting

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